Is it wrong that I want to marry a rich man?

Everyone has been given the right to choose own life. Marrying a rich man isn’t  a bad thing, a good way to change your life. Here you would know why you need marry a rich man.

There isn’t much stress if you marry a rich man.

Working can be wonderful item based on a fact you are your own boss. Or you aill find that working day and sleeping night are wasting your life. You get little payment with your full pey out. Compared with marrying a normal man, constantly worrying your bill, clearly counting your cash and eat expensive but unnutricious food, marrying a rich man means you are out of those annoyance.
You can live in your dream house.
Poor cash lead you to live in a narrow house of 100 sqaure meters in which your bedroom can be only 10%. Even such a life need support from your parents. They have enough deposit to pay for your house after hardworking of 30 years. Most common is that your parents bill down payment, and in line to next part is your hard working of 30 years with your normal husband. However, marrying a rich man gives you chance to live in your dream house. Every girl has dreamed that a gorgeous prince rides a white horse and comes to you. Here your dreams come true if you decide to marry a rich man.
Easy access to top social club.
We have to admit that there are people, there are social class. Unless you are famous or have rich families, you will probably never have the chance to access to this kind of top social clubs. You would never know what food they have, what time their party buildings were created and what games then are palying.
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