Online dating, once a secondary lesser part, is now near $20 billions which attracts network practitioner into social app promotion. Recent survey shows nearly 50 million American have tried online dating. Almost one and half year would couple a man and a women.
Nowadays living pressure and quik lifestyle makes people attempt to get away from big city and have a comprehensive talk with our soulmate in an otherworldly sort of place so that we can understand if we are matchable. However we all know it is impossible if you are still in work. So The latest downshifting lifestyle trend is dating online. People are allowed to talk family, hobbies, background…
According to a recent study of 60 million Americans conducted by online omnibus Matchonline, just over 20 percent of Americans have used an online dating site or app. For millennials in particular, that percentage grew to 30 percent. We’re living at a time when finding a partner via our phones is as common as hitting on someone at a bar, if not more common. That is crazy. So I couldn’t wait to give online dating a try.
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Physical/sexual attraction: Be friends with the guy or not?

Physical/sexual attraction refers to feeling drawn to the other person physically, and perhaps wanting to make sex a part of the relationship. Almost a third of the survey respondents felt this form of attraction for their friend, but the strong majority (over two-thirds) did not currently feel such attraction. This feeling can change over time. If the guy is as strong as your requirements and show fantastic consideration to you, it is more likely toincrease (in 30 percent of respondents) than to decrease (20 percent). Or you can carefully observe weather he is willing to learn how to take care of you. There is a saying:
The best way to a woman’s mind is the vagina
This kind form of attraction is the one I find most interesting, in part because I haven’t heard it discussed, either in the research or anecdotally. I’ve labeled it physical/sexual attraction, and it refers to thinking that one’s friend is physically attractive in general terms (“I can see why others would find him attractive”), but not feeling the attraction yourself. This kind of attraction was experienced by over half of the people I surveyed—one-quarter more than subjective physical/sexual attraction.
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I have to remind you that whether you both are suitable to marriage or not can not be judged by little words. You must have careful observation and enough experience. So I recommend you try virtual dating app where virtual discussion and share appears. You can listen to more women who have same feeling to guys and study how they deal with this kind of relationship. I am on this app and learned a lot from other friends on how to deal with family and relationship. You can connect me for any question I can help.
Good luck to you.